Immediate upload and email notification
Immediately after final approval, elabra can bookmark and post an exact copy of the POS or final OS, for online viewing by investors. To ensure document integrity, we use a single source PDF for hardcopy and electronic distribution. Direct links to the document are sent via e-mail to the list of addresses. Summary reports are provided confirming delivered emails, noting any that are undeliverable and listing the origin and number of online document viewings.
Closing documents gathered
To facilitate a more coordinated closing, the bond lawyer and closing team use the Closing Documents folder in the online workspace. Checking the Closing Documents folder, working group members can see when the document set is complete or what is still needed. The closing meeting runs more smoothly with all documents gathered in one location.
Transaction mementoes
Celebrate success! Let elabra help you choose appropriate items for the working group. We can provide the finest in Lucite, leather portfolios, quality pen and pencil sets, wood and brass plaques, and picture framing services. Count on us to coordinate all the details and have them delivered promptly.
Online and CD-ROM transcript archives
elabra can provide archiving services for the OS, or the entire set of transcripts for the transaction. Paper documents are scanned and all the electronic files are organized and indexed. The archive can be delivered via CD-ROM, or stored online for long-term access from anywhere at any time. Online access privileges can be provided for the original working group or any designated viewers.