The transaction challenge
In putting together the Official Statement for a bond issue, coordination among the working group is key to productivity. The fast pace of activity can create a complex situation where important details could easily be overlooked.

The elabra answer: Debt Issuance Management
elabra provides the online workspace that organizes all transaction documents and communications. It provides secure access from anywhere: at work, home or on the road. Check in to get an overview of transaction activity... dig in where you need to.
Document and communications central
New document versions are easily uploaded, and immediately available for group or select viewing. Display, print or download documents, then post comments. Broadcast to the group or send private messages. Email notifications keep you updated. Complete contact information for group members is a click away.

Easy management
It's easy to manage the workspace, or let Elabra do it. Set up the transaction, register group members, create document folders and send out automated notifications.

Take the tour
Contact us at elabra to take the live tour. It takes only a few minutes to see how the consolidated workspace can streamline the work for you and the entire working group on your next transaction.